How to Choose the Best broker for binary Options ?

How to Choose the Best broker for binary Options ?
digital options , as a type of investment , are now one of the fastest growing type investments . The traders with relatively small portfolios can also start trading with only $ 10. The sale covers four asset classes : equities, commodities , currencies and indexes. In the sale really do not buy the shares. But rather buy an option on how the action will behave in a predetermined period of time.
60/2 The options are traded through online brokers . Since this is a new form of investment for many traders need to be very careful in choosing the broker or mediators from which you want to trade. Not all brokers offer the same service .

assets Traded

As listed above there are four asset classes. For each class of activity are more individual classes . No broker offers "binary options" in every activity of a given asset class. It is therefore necessary to decide which asset classes and activities your are trading.

Fixed payments

The payment due to successful trade varies from broker to broker . Most pay around l ' 85 % but someone pays more and some less. Moreover, while most of them do not give anything back when the investment fails, some give back about 15% .


When you enter the site of a broker you will see a chart that shows the options available through this mediator . You should be able to easily and quickly find the information you need.
Some broker offers graphics that offer all activities, this might confuse you since you may want to trade in only one of those activities but are still represented all on the same graph .

Flexibility Maturity

Some brokers offer only a few choices for the deadline. The best brokers offer many choices for deadlines : 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour , and so on up to a month or more


Your money should always be safe. All brokers have a minimum deposit and maximum. In addition, they all have a minimum and maximum amount of exchanges. If you are trading on the high end you may need a mediator with a high limit trade. Traders usually opt for low-end traders that have the minimum limit set to $ 10. Some brokers allow free withdrawals only once per month. There is a fee for each subsequent withdrawal in a month. The costs are not low , and consequently , also in levies , you will need to decide how to handle your money.

Whether you have the opportunity to make one or more withdrawals per month free of charge , however, you want to get your money fast . Not all brokers send money fast .


All brokers have a page that introduces the new binary options traders . The best brokers will have accurate guides to help not only the beginners but also experienced traders .

Some brokers offer detailed analyzes of markets both in technical and in the form of basic analysis .

Information in Real Time

You have to know how you are behaving activity ! All mediators are up to date with the prices and the value of assets. The best brokers will send the most important news in the shortest possible time. The faster you get the latest news more easily you'll be able to run a profitable exchange .


The best brokers offer fast support . Whether by phone, email or live chat , most of your needs concerning the software used by the site will be considered through their support. To find out how to contact them looking for the contact button on the main page of any broker options. We have tried many of the centers of support sites and brokers , as long as the quality is variable, we have always received a response within 7 days.

Privacy and Security

There are charlatans in every field. You must make sure not only that your money is safe and liquid but also to any information you have given will remain private .

Watch Dog

Some sites , like this, constantly monitor the binary options brokers . 'll Let you know quickly which ones are unreliable. We inform you of the news that could affect your broker and your business with them. Most of the traders are too busy to do all the necessary research in order to remain aware of the mediators.

The bottom line

Since the money you deposit thanks to the mediator and then resarch in binary options trading , you need to be completely confident that the broker you choose is safe, fair and provide all the services you need in order to trade binary options successfully .

In previous categories there are elements that you can easily search alone. Instead, other elements require more time and effort. The industry watchdogs are here to help you make the right decisions even before you make a single deposit or trade binarie-opzioni



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